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Expanded Record Number :      CF/RA/DS/USAA/DB01/2002-0006 


Record Title:                 Speeches given by the UNICEF Executive Director, Deputies or Senior Staff [PDF files] also includes some Articles  or Presentations to various audiences or may have been presented by other officers on Executive Director's behalf.


External Reference:           CF/EXD/SP-PDF     [Go to detailed list]


Notes:                        See also Doc Series CF/EXStmnt for Speeches, some of which were issued in Executive Statement Document Series or in individual Pamplets by Division of Information[DOI] /Division of Communcation [DOC].  CF/ExStmnt/1987-001 to 1992-006 on Alternate Media - Microfiche. Library at NYH has paper copies of many.  There are also electronic text copes of some earlier speeches on Diskettes shared between Library and Speech Writer [David Pit]. Being converted to Word with qualifer [Note: this is the most easily accessible or best available electronic copy as of Jun 2001. Electronic versions were copied from the UNICEF Executive Director Speech Writer's files on disk. Many documents were originally in Word Perfect format].