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CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/1998-02423 CF/EXD/SP/1993-0063A/W NGO Forum Launching International Year of the Family. Address by Dr. Richard Jolly, Deputy Executive Director, Programmes UNICEF. Malta, 1 December 1993 Strengthening Families for the World of Tomorrow ;  to the World NGO Forum Launching the International Year of the Family Malta, 1 December 1993 1993-Dec-01 14 pp
CF/RAI/USAA/DB01/HS/2003-00073 CF/EXD/SP/1993-0063A/PDF Padmini Memo, Coordinator, Inter-sectoral section, ATTACHMENT 3 'Strengthening Families for the World of Tomorrow' Address by Dr. R. Jolly, Dy Exec Dir, PD,, to the World NGO Forum Launching the International Year of the Family, PDF version  1 Dec '93 SEE NOTE 09/15/2003 1993-Dec-01 15 pp
CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03831PDF CF/HST /


UNICEF in China, 1947-1951 by Perry O. Hanson, Jr. Prepared for the UNICEF History Project 1984, Aug 20 125 pages
CF/RAI/USAA/DB01/HS/1995-0018 CF/RAI/HST/1995-0018; The UNICEF Brazil Country Programme Reader  Overview, Mobilization Goals Oriented Strategy, December 1990, summary History included
by John Donohue and Barbara Schmidt- Rahmer:with Ruben Cervini, Antonio Carlos Gomez da Cosss 1990-Dec-15 170 pages
CF/RAI/USAA/DB01/HS/1996-0208 CF/RAI/HST/1996-0208 UNICEF Brazil country office history from June 1980 with  Cover letter from J. Peter Greaves to John Charnow Cover memos with attached from1982,1983;  Table of Contents:   INTRODUCTION....-..Page 1; SECTION I - An Overview: Thirty Years of Collaboration...-.Page 2;   SECTION II - UNICEF in Brazil Today.-..Page 7 ; SECTION III - History...-.Page 17; SECTION IV - The International Year of the Child in Brazil..-.Page 25;  SECTION V - The Years Ahead....Page 29 1980 Jun 01 44 pages
CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03801PDF CF/HST/1985-051-PDF Our Departing Giants - UNICEF Exec Dir, J.Grant comments - farewell party for Heyward,  Egger, Charnow, Stein - 21 Dec. 1981   21 Dec. 1981 05 Pages






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