Items related to E/ICEF = UNICEF Executive Board related Docs Series [some are no longer used or superceded]

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External ID Title Expanded Number
E/ICEF/AB/L-TIFF Committee on Administration and Finance:- Unicef Executive Board- Tiff Versions CF/RA/DS/USAA/DB01/2001-0022
E/ICEF/AB/SR (WP?) Committee on Administration and Finance: Unicef Executive Board summary Record of / or Working Paper? CF/RA/DS/1997-103
E/ICEF/AB/WP Committee on Administrative Budget: Working Papers, CF/RA/DS/1997-011
E/ICEF/AC.1 Policy of Executive Board: Ad hoc Committee (1953-1954). CF/RA/DS/1997-012
E/ICEF/ACCY Asian Conference on Children and Youth: NATIONAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT CF/RA/DS/1997-013
E/ICEF/ADM Committee on Administrative Budget:[1960] CF/RA/DS/1997-004-02
E/ICEF/ADM/RWD Committee on Administrative Budget: CF/RA/DS/1997-014
E/ICEF/ADVANCE P Short-form Recommendations (1961-1964) CF/RA/DS/1997-015
E/ICEF/AFM Needs of African Children: CF/RA/DS/1997-016
E/ICEF/AFM/CS Needs of African Children: CF/RA/DS/1997-017

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