EJR Heward-CF-ASG List - PDF format RAM/2004-00126

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CF-RAI-NYHQ-DPP-RAM-2004-00126-msword Collection of references to Items related to EJR Heyward at RAMP-TRIM item level in PDF format, Interviews, Bio etc. See individual items for actual electronic version attached. this list in MS Word format CF/RAI/NYHQ/DPP/RAM/2004-00126
CF/HST/1985-051-PDF Our Departing Giants' Hist. 51 Comments by James Grant at farewell party for Heyward - Egger- Charnow and Stein - 21 Dec. 1981 CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03801PDF
CF/NYH/OSEB/HST/1998-017 ANNEX B: List of Interviews of Mr. E. J. R. Heyward by Margaret Catley-Carlson and Dan Jacobs
Letter on behalf of E. J. R. Heyward by James Grant for the Special Award of the Australian Government
CF/EXD/1969-2593 The Jackson Report " Dep Exec. Dir E.J.R. Heyward to H. Labouisse, Exec. Director. comments: Selling projects, Programming, Assistance Policies, "Traditional Aid packages" ( Sir Robert), Report - The Capacity of the United Nations Development System CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/1998-00907
CF/HST/1985-001/Add.12-PDF Contributions of Mr. Heyward to UNICEF basic premises and programme strategy cover note - Special Award by the.Australian Government to Mr. Hayward in recognition of his outstanding servises to UNICEF- CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03658PDF
CF/HST/1985-001/Add.12/A-PDF Heyward - Basic premises Overview - Programme strategy - Contrlbution of EJR Heyward to UNICEF basic premises and prograsme stratigies CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03659PDF
CF/HST/1985-001/Add.12/B-PDF Premises Mr. Heyward formulated - List among the premises Mr. Heyward played the key role in formulsting are the follwing: a: CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03660PDF
CF/HST/1985-001/Add.12/C-PDF Programme policies/strategies list - Heyward formulated - principal architect both in articulating the the programme policies and strategies which have followed from these premises setting forth the ways they could best be applied at the field level. CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03661PDF
CF/HST/1985-034/Anx.01/07-PDF Excerpt from Grant's letter to Australian Ambassador re Award for Heyward - June 1981 CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03716PDF
CF/HST/1985-034/Anx.01/07/I-PDF Biography of E.J.R. Heyward and his contributions to UNICEF CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-03717PDF

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