List of External , UN Secretariat or other Organs Document Series [some are no longer used or superceded]

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External ID Title Expanded Number
ER Publications produced external to UN Organization CF/RA/DS/1997-181
ER/CHNR Child Health News and Reviews CF/RA/DS/1997-181A
ER/CSWD Child Survival World Development CF/RA/DS/1997-181B
FAO/UNICEF/JP FAO/UNICEF Joint Policy Committee CF/RA/DS/1997-035
FAO/UNICEF/JP (PDF-ENG) FAO/UNICEF Joint Policy Committee - PDF versions of Documents CF/RA/DS/USAA/DB01/2003-0005
ICSC Internal Civil Service Committee Issuances CF/RA/DS/1997-190C6 TO BE CONF
ICSC/CIRC/DSA Circular on Daily Subsistence Allowance CF/RA/DS/1997-067
ICSC/CIRC/PAC Circular on Monthly Post Adjustment CF/RA/DS/1997-068
JC/UNICEF/WHO Joint Committee on Health Policy (JCHP) CF/RA/DS/1997-036
UN Main Issuance of United Nations and interagency issuances CF/RA/DS/1997-190

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