List of External , UN Secretariat or other Organs Document Series [some are no longer used or superceded]

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External ID Title Expanded Number
UN/ST/SGB/FIN/RUL UN Financial Rules CF/RA/DS/1997-081A
UN/ST/SGB/ORG Organization of the Secretariat CF/RA/DS/1997-080A
UN/ST/SGB/STF/RUL Staff Regulations CF/RA/DS/1997-082
UN/ST/TRN Issues prepared by UN Training service such as Presentation of UN Correspondence Guide CF/RA/DS/1997-072
UN/SYS UN System of Organization: Directory of Senior Officials CF/RA/DS/1997-114
UNDP/GM UNDP General Administration Manual CF/RA/DS/1997-197
UNDP/RR/POST UNDP Post Reports by Country CF/RA/DS/1997-057

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