List of External , UN Secretariat or other Organs Document Series [some are no longer used or superceded]

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External ID Title Expanded Number
UN/ST/CS/SER.B Included Provisional Lis of Terms, UN Correspondence Manual CF/RA/DS/1997-071
UN/ST/CS/SER.F Terminology Bulletin [Need description of Series rather than example of issuance in series] CF/RA/DS/1997-069
UN/ST/DCS Documents Guidelines such as Translations, writing and Correspondence manual CF/RA/DS/1997-078
UN/ST/IC United Nations Information Circular CF/RA/DS/1997-079
UN/ST/MISC Permanent Missions to the UN CF/RA/DS/1997-109
UN/ST/PO UN Polling Officers CF/RA/DS/1997-111
UN/ST/SCB UN Staff Committee Bulletin CF/RA/DS/1997-112
UN/ST/SG/SER.A Changes in Permanent Missions CF/RA/DS/1997-113
UN/ST/SGB UN Secretary General's Bulletins CF/RA/DS/1997-080
UN/ST/SGB/FIN/REG UN Financial Regulations and Rules CF/RA/DS/1997-081

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Keefe (Proj Dev & Rec/Arch Officer), Adhiratha (Mr.)