List of External , UN Secretariat or other Organs Document Series [some are no longer used or superceded]

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External ID Title Expanded Number
UN/DHA Department of Humanitarian Affairs issuances CF/RA/DS/1997-190C3 TO BE CONF
UN/FRM UN or Interagency Forms CF/RA/DS/1997-190C4 TO BE CONF
UN/JIU Issuances of the Joint Inspection Unit [JIU] CF/RA/DS/1997-191
UN/JSPB Joint Staff Pension Board: General CF/RA/DS/1997-074A
UN/JSPB/G Joint Staff Pension Board: Rules and Regulations CF/RA/DS/1997-074B
UN/REF UN Reform Related Docs; UN Common Services Doc May have seperate series UN/CS doc CF/RA/DS/1997-223
UN/REF/WG/ARM Work Group on Archives and Records Management; Proposed to become Coordinating Committee CC/ ARM after agreement to TOR by Task Force on Common services; Prefix could be UN/CS UN Common Service CF/RA/DS/1997-224
UN/ST United Nation Secretariat CF/RA/DS/1997-074H
UN/ST/AI United Nations Administrative Instructions, UN CF/RA/DS/1997-075
UN/ST/CS/SER.A Editorial Directives and other info? CF/RA/DS/1997-115

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