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Access to the UNICEF archives is on hold until further notice. will remain available as an online resource,
but it is no longer being updated.

Researcher Application Form
Please download the following Research application form and give a signed copy to the RAM staff when working at the Archives.

Researcher Application Form [print version]

Researcher Guidelines
Researcher Guidelines [print version]

Basic Security Procedures    

  • Visiting researchers must be signed at the UNICEF lobby on every visit

  • The Researcher Request form needs to be filled out

  • Documents must be handled with care, without marking  them, and must be returned to the appropriate box in original order. Researchers may not leave the Reference centre or office in which they may be working with any  documents.

  • All reference books should be returned to their original location.

Researchers "Adding Value"

  • Researchers reviewing UNICEF records are encouraged to offer comments that would assist in better describing records for future research by staff or other researchers.

  • A researcher wishing to contribute should make his/her notations on the list provided or on a separate sheet. Individual items in a folder should not be marked.  This procedure will protect the original records; expedite a further review of the information and update of the RAMP database.

Charges, Reports and References     

  • There is no charge to researcher for use of records or for limited copying at UNICEF.  Requests for extensive copying will be addressed separately and may incur charges, to be agreed upon before processing.

  • Use of UNICEF or other records at the UN Archives  are subject to all the procedures [including copying  charges] of UN Archives. As of December 1995 the charge was .25 per page.  When schedule permits the UN Archives staff usually perform the actual copying from pages identified by researchers. 

Registering and Sharing results of research

  • Researchers are requested to provide UNICEF RAM unit a copy of any reports/studies that result from research using UNICEF Records.

  • Researcher should indicate if they do not wish to  be included on future sample lists of those completing  research using UNICEF records.

Report References & Citations

  • References to UNICEF documents, publications or records cited in the report should be as complete as possible to assist future researchers who  may wish to request the source documents. This will assist in any follow up queries received.

  • If the researcher has time before submitting for publication it would be useful to check any incomplete references with the UNICEF RAM unit, which may be able to provide needed details for a citation. In this case, please send the information that is known.

Reviewing past research and publications before starting

In order to maximise both researcher and RAM unit time, before deciding to request access to UNICEF records via the RAMP database, it is suggested that researchers review the following that will be provided on request. 

  • List of History Monographs  

  • List of Books on UNICEF History


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