Special Exhibits from UNICEF Archives

A letter from Maurice Pate
Marlon Brando at UNICEF
UNICEF's First Greeting Card
UNICEF Nobel Prize
Cronkite News on the Prize
'UNICEF Day' declared
Audrey Hepburn 'Rights of the Child' first day cover
Daruma doll for polio eradication
UNICEF stamps worldwide
Gifts and Memorabilia

Marlene Dietrich UNICEF Volunteer
Gift of Artists
Concert for Bangladesh

Special Exhibits from the UNICEF Archives feature UNICEF memorabilia, awards and historical documents of particular interest. The exhibits are culled from the UNICEF Records and Archives holdings of over 13,000 boxes housed at the UN Archives in Long Island, at the UNICEF Records Centre in Secaucus New Jersey, and from UNICEF House itself at 3 UN Plaza, New York City.

New online exhibits will be added on a regular basis: future exhibits will feature UNICEF coins, UNICEF record covers and the top 100 UNICEF posters from over the decades.





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