Children First
The story of UNICEF Past and Present
by Maggie Black

Starting from the International Year of the Child in 1979, development historian Maggie Black studies the two movements which have done most to raise the visibility of children in the public consciousness: the child survival campaign, the child survival campaign, highlighted by the 1990 World Summit for Children; and the movement for children's rights, which led to the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, now ratified by 191 countries. 'Children First' explores what brought these two movements such unprecedented success, and asks: Is this new found concern for the world's children likely to last? For those interested in UNICEF and the welfare of the world's children.


Title Page  vi
Foreword: A Personal Tribute to James E Grant vii
Preface xi
1. Children: A Cause Comes of Age I
2. The Global Drive for Immunization 33
3. Unraveling the Nutrition Complex 63
4. Water, Environment, Sanitation: The Changing Agenda  91
5. City Streets and Children's Rights 119
6. Global Shifts 149
7. The Gender Dimension 183

8. Learning for All

9. Children at the Front Line 245
10. Towards 2000 and Beyond 275
Notes 307

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